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Academic Faculties of Ignita Veritas University

Current Academic Faculties & Programs


Ignita Veritas University (IV University) is internationally licensed and accredited by multiple governments at the supra-governmental level of conventional international law. As an official educational institution, it teaches traditional degree programs of classical scholarship from its established Faculties, primarily through interactive Distance Learning enhanced by live Telecommuting.


IV University is the first academic institution to apply the famous Montessori method to higher education, providing Experiential Education by direct mentorship and apprenticeship, in the active practice of scholarly professions, through real-world inter-governmental humanitarian projects.


Degree programs of IV University are based upon earning modular course credits from the custom Faculty Study Modules, and Transfer Credits from other recognized institutions through licensed accreditation by examination.


As an official body of an inter-governmental organization (IGO) participating in related networks of non-profit civil society and educational institutions, IV University has access to numerous accomplished scholars in diverse fields of knowledge. This provides a broad base of highly qualified Faculty Professors, including leading experts and specialists with international authority, in support of its educational programs and academic operations.


The experts and Professors of the IV University Faculties continuously conduct academic research for development of educational textbooks, for use by many universities, schools and training centers internationally. Such research and textbook development is primarily in the scholarly spheres of geopolitics, international law, human rights, history, and archaeology.


Many of the Faculty Professors also serve as part-time Adjunct Professors with various cooperating universities and educational institutions, which support the inter-governmental humanitarian projects providing experiential education for the Faculty Study Modules of IV University.


For detailed information on IV University academic authorities and educational methods of classical scholarship, see the University Education & Academia overview.


All Ignita Veritas University academic degrees are earned by completing modular course credits, and scholarly research and academic writing of professional Thesis or Dissertation works, which meet or exceed all customary international standards for the relevant diplomas.


Official Endorsements of the Faculties


Royal Faculties – The Faculties designated as Royal Colleges or Institutes are operated independently by Ignita Veritas University (IV University), named for their “Royal authority” granted by Royal Patronage from the Kingdom of Banten Nusantara from ca. 14,000 BC, which ruled the Indonesian Archipelago Islands from 600-1749 AD. This official endorsement by Letters Patent means those Faculties are additionally accredited by the Kingdom as upholding the standards of royalty and nobility, and resulting diplomas accepted as qualifications for its Crown Officers.


Pontifical Faculties – The Faculties designated as Pontifical Academies or Institutes are operated independently by IV University, named for their “Pontifical authority” granted by Ecclesiastical Patronage from the Ancient Apostolic Church, with independent Pontifical authority recognized by Vatican Papal Bulls from 1129 and 1139 AD. This official endorsement by Letters Patent means those Faculties are additionally accredited by the Church as upholding the standards of Canon law, and resulting diplomas accepted as qualifications for its Pontifical Officers and Clergy.


State Colleges – The Faculties designated as State Colleges are operated by IV University, named for its own authority of “Statehood” under international law with diplomatic status, as an Official Body of an inter-governmental organization (IGO), backed by “State” licenses and accreditation from multiple governments. This official status by Treaty Charter means those Faculties are supported by the collective of Member States as upholding international standards, and resulting diplomas are accepted as qualifications for their State Officials.


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The educational operations of IV University function through the following autonomous subdivisions, as its specialized Faculties of education (click Links for Faculty profiles):


Royal Institute of Law and Justice (Law Faculty)

Royal College of Management and Economics (Business Faculty)

Royal Institute of Geopolitics and Diplomacy (Diplomatic Academy)

Pontifical Academy of History and Culture (Archaeology Faculty)

Pontifical Academy of Sacred Sciences (Science Faculty & Seminary)

State College of Humanitarian Education (General Education Faculty)

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