Inter-Governmental Organization "IGO"

Leadership Team of Government Officials


Ignita Veritas United (IVU) is publicly represented as an inter-governmental organization (IGO) by certain Governmental Officials who serve as the general leadership team coordinating the institutional work of many other levels of officials and executives.  The most high-profile positions are presented here as an online executive brochure.


This overview presents only a partial list of those Government Officials who currently have the most visible public functions.  All other officials are confirmed by formal credentials issued by the relevant IGO Official Bodies and agencies.


Note:  All Government Officials also hold diplomatic status as Ambassadors at Large for the IGO, and thus may alternately use the prenominal style of address “His (Her) Excellency” (H.E.) in connection with their official functions.


Note:  Some Government Officials may hold additional royal, nobiliary or ecclesiastical titles, which may be of higher level than the present titles and forms of address used in the IGO, and thus may use such titles separately as they deem appropriate.


Relations Only as Authorized – Any and all offers, engagements and contracts of the IGO with any third parties, which may have been discussed with any of its Executives or Ambassadors, are subject to written approval and ratification by the Directorate General, or by the autonomous governing body of the relevant IGO institution.



King Bungsu of Nusantara, B.S., M.B.A., D.P.P.

His Majesty (H.M.) King Bungsu of Banten Nusantara, holds a Bachelor of Science in Ancient History and Archaeology, Master of Business Administration in Inter-Governmental Economics, and Doctor of Public Policy in Humanitarian Diplomacy. He developed his career in diplomacy for peace and prosperity through preservation, heritage restoration, official representation, and later achieving historic reunification of the Five Sacred Royal Houses of Southeast Asia. He is Chairman of the Lamba Society Foundation supporting humanitarian projects, and Chairman of the Dumpal Soekarno Foundation managing the Sovereign Royal Portfolio of strategic historical resources for empowering independent countries. As Chancellor of the Representative Council of Member States he is the chief executive of the Deliberative Branch of the IGO government.

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Prime Minister

Doctor Loke Tegelberg, B.S., D.B.A.

Doctor Loke Tegelberg holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronics, and Doctor of Business Administration in International Economics.  He began his management career providing strategic and national infrastructure for leading technology companies, government agencies and financial institutions.  This shifted to financial management of international multi-currency and treasury systems and cross-border commerce.  He specializes in non-profit programs for socio-economic humanitarian operations in developing countries, including arrangement and structuring of project finance and grant funding, with a track record of successful projects.  He is also a leader and volunteer of many governmental, civil society and cultural organizations, actively supporting the creative and performing arts.  As Prime Minister he is the chief executive of the Executive Branch of the IGO government.

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Minister of the Cabinet Office

 Prince Peter of Nusantara, B.B.A., D.P.P.

His Royal Highness (H.R.H.) Prince Peter of Nusantara holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Financial Architecture and Doctor of Public Policy in Socio-Economic Systems. He began his economic policy career as a leading executive of major banking and financial institutions including Citi-Group. He concentrates on innovative programs for national financial independence, promoting economic empowerment for humanity advancing human rights. He is senior executive of a Hollywood film production company, managing international banking and finance operations, supporting the culturally strategic development of films featuring humanitarian values and inspirational themes promoting the awakening of humanity. He specializes in government consulting, sovereign wealth funds, and humanitarian project funding. As Minister of the Cabinet Office he is a senior diplomat for the IGO, managing its Ministers and Ministries.

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Minister of State for Royal Relations

Prince Deric of Bircham, M.B.A., Ph.D., D.Sc.

His Highness (H.H.) Deric N. Bircham – Prince of Bircham, holds a Master of Business Administration in Psychological Management, and several Doctorate degrees in Complementary Medicine, Arts and Letters, and International Relations.  He is an honoured Academician and Professor Emeritus of multiple universities in Europe and Asia, and the Chancellor of an internationally accredited European university.  He serves as an Ambassador and cultural heritage preservation specialist for various Royal Houses internationally, upholding sovereignty for the advancement of human rights.  He has a career in public relations for Prime Ministers, Royals and Nobles, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA), a Major-General of the Cossack Army, and Knight Grand Cross of the Russian Orthodox Knights of Saint John.  As Minister of State for Royal Relations he oversees outreach programs and cooperation with Royal Houses of Historical States for restoring and exercising sovereignty.

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Minister of State for Communications

Duke William of Bircham, M.B.A., Ph.D.

His Grace (H.G.) Lord William Martin – Duke of Bircham, holds a Master of Business Administration and a Doctorate in Communications.  His career in public relations and marketing includes working as a Manager and Producer for multiple national television and film production studios and broadcasting companies.  He has professional experience as an executive for a bank in London, an international research center, and a consortium in China.  His education management experience includes serving as a Manager and Director for numerous European universities.  He earned two medals in the Reserve Officers Training Corps of the United States, and is a Captain of the Memorial Royal Guard of Spain.  As Minister of State for Communications he oversees educational and informational resources supporting the IGO government.

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Minister of State for Strategic Research

 Professor Gavin Davidson, M.Ed., Ph.D., Prof.D.

Professor Gavin Davidson holds a Master of Education in group research programs, Doctorate in Archaeology, and post-doctorate Professorship degree in Public Policy.  As Chairman of a European banking institution he provided research and development of humanitarian public policies for macro-economics and advanced financial products supporting national economies.  As Director of Public Policy Strategies for the Historical Preservation Society based in London he developed policy concepts for applying ancient knowledge to geopolitics as time-tested solutions to modern problems.  He specializes in humanitarian public policies for economic aspects of geopolitics, upholding national sovereignty while promoting international security.  As Minister of State for Strategic Research he oversees programs and operations as Chief of Strategic Projects of the Council on Alternative Policy Studies (CAPS) think tank.

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Minister of State for Cultural Heritage

Dame Alison McLean, B.A., M.P.A., M.Ed.

Dame Alison McLean holds a Master of Public Administration in Intergovernmental Programs, and a Master of Education in Leadership Training. She received the US Department of Defense Special Act of Service medal for civilian achievement in governmental infrastructure. She was Institutional Services Manager for a Wall Street banking firm, and Public Relations Manager at Estee Lauder in 150 countries. As Program Director for the Japan Council for International Relations in New York, she facilitated inter-governmental cooperation with the US and Canada, developed and managed programs, and served as Speech Writer for official presentations in the United Nations. She was Paralegal, Non-Legal Staff Supervisor, and Attorney Programs Manager for a law firm in Los Angeles. As Minister of State for Cultural Heritage, she manages operational support for indigenous and sovereign Historical States.

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Chief Justice of SCIJ High Court

Princess Judge Kunda of Bemba, LL.M., J.S.D.

Her Royal Highness (H.R.H.) Princess Judge Kunda of Bemba holds a Master of Laws in Criminal Justice, and Doctorate of Legal Science in international law, specializing in Judiciary Cross-Border Enforcement. She is a permanent member of Inner Temple Inn of Court (London), was governmentally accredited as a Judge with a national Ministry of Justice, and elevated from Barrister to International Judge of the Bench at Bar. As Barrister she specialized in Courtroom litigation and legal audits. As Presiding Judge for Civil and Criminal Courts she researched wrote and issued numerous precedent-setting Judicial Opinions resolving innovative legal issues. She is a School Governor for the UK Ministry of Education, administering the national curriculum and upholding education standards. As Chief Justice she leads cooperation with the independent Judiciary Profession, and oversees the Chancellors of the College of Chambers of the High Court, who supervise the Presiding Judges.

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Chief Inspector General

Prince Judge Matthew of Thebes,

J.D., Ph.D., D.Sc., J.S.D., J.C.D.

King’s Counsel (K.C.), Privy Councillor (P.C.)

His Most Eminent Highness (M.E.H.) Prince Judge Matthew of Thebes holds multiple Doctorate degrees in International Law, International Affairs and Archaeology.  He began his career as Chief of Special Operations for an international government contracting security firm, providing legal security and protection of national critical infrastructure, forensic investigations, training for law enforcement agencies, support for the Judiciary in organized crime and corruption cases, and serving as unofficial Advisor to Presidential Administrations, considered an honorary national security veteran.  He was vetted and established as a government accredited International Judge registered with a national Ministry of Justice, specializing in human rights and cross-border enforcement (Not a presiding Judge of the SCIJ High Court).  As Chief Inspector General he is the senior state security official overseeing strategic operations of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG).

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Chief of Humanitarian Programs

 Doctor Mustafa M. Akkawi, M.B.A., Ph.D.

Doctor Mustafa Akkawi holds a Master of Business Administration in Educational Training, and Doctorate in International Business concentrating on humanitarian project management.  He began his career managing construction and civil infrastructure projects.  He was Credit Collection Manager for a financial institution coordinating inter-departmental operations, promoted to Business Development Supervisor establishing lending programs with USAID and partner banks.  He was Insurance Consultant on risk management, and Branch Supervisor of a financial institution providing technical training of managers, promoted to Development Supervisor conducting socio-economic research.  He teaches management training courses for an international academy.  As Chief of Humanitarian Programs he represents the Directional Secretariat managing programs and operations of the Emergency Relief Agency (ERA).

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Chief of Inter-Agency Operations

Doctor Commander Carlos Flanagan, M.S., M.A., Ph.D.

Doctor Commander Carlos (“Carl”) Flanagan holds a Master of Science in Business Organization Management, Masters in National Security and Strategic Studies, and Doctorate in International Conflict Analysis and Resolution. He served as a United States Navy Seal in the rank of Captain, appointed as Commander of multiple international security joint programs. He developed and was Director of both the Interagency Partnership and International Engagement programs of US Special Operations Command, improving and expanding relationships between American and foreign Special Operations headquarters. He was Adjunct Professor of International Security at Joint Special Operations University. As Chief of Inter-Agency Operations he is the senior official overseeing inter-governmental multinational inter-agency cooperation and facilitation of joint operations for the Office of Inspector General (OIG).

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Chief of Resource Logistics

Captain Mohamed El Kadi, M.B.A.

Captain Mohamed El Kadi holds a Master of Business Administration in institutional operations and logistics. He began his career as Infrastructure Support Manager for the Ministry of Transportation of Egypt, and became Director of Expedition Logistics for the Historical Preservation Society based in London, managing complex logistics of personnel, equipment, licenses, vehicles and ships, supporting field operations in the Middle East. He earned Captain’s Sea Service Certification from the Ministry of Maritime Safety of Egypt for all vessels of unlimited tonnage, and a special Guide License from the Ministry of Tourism to host VIP guests. He became Office Manager of an international law firm and Director of a security firm as government contractors. As Director of Resource Logistics he manages procurement and deployment of infrastructure supporting field operations of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG).

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Director of Media Strategies

 Baroness Robyn Davis, B.S., M.A.

Right Honourable (Rt.Hon.) Baroness Robyn Davis holds a Bachelor of Science in Media Production Systems, and Master of Arts in Digital Media Production.  She began her media career as Managing Editor of Harper College Newspaper, and became Creative Director of a Chicago marketing agency among the first “desktop publishing” firms for digital graphic design and print production.  As General Production Manager of Leo Burnett agency she led print marketing campaigns for Fortune 100 brands.  She was Production Manager of Streams Online Media among the first website interactive platform development firms in the US Midwest region.  She was Director of Innovation for Participate Systems social media management specializing in development of online communities.  As Director of Media Strategies she is a senior executive managing digital media and online community programs and projects of the Culture and Media Agency.

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