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King Bungsu of Nusantara, B.S., M.B.A., D.P.P.


Chancellor, King Bungsu of Nusantara

Chancellor, King Bungsu of Nusantara

His Majesty (H.M.) King Bungsu of Banten Nusantara, completed a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Ancient History and Archaeology, with thesis on “Ancient Asian Royal Heritage from Prehistoric Civilization”, from the Pontifical Academy of History and Culture (1988).


He completed a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) in Inter-Governmental Economics, with dissertation on “Humanitarian Macroeconomic Models for Inter-Governmental Prosperity Projects”, from the Royal College of Management and Economics (1992).


He completed a Doctor of Public Policy (D.P.P.) in Humanitarian Diplomacy, by externship at Bircham International University in Spain, with doctoral project on “Humanitarian Empowerment Policies for a New Paradigm of Development Strategies”, from the Royal Institute of Geopolitics and Diplomacy (2016).


Prince Bungsu, son of President Soekarno (by the consort Machasi), is King of the United Kingdoms of Banten Nusantara (ancient Archipelago islands) of Indonesia (from ca. 14,000 BC), and thus serves as Crown Regent of the Royal Alliance of Independent States (RAIS). He became King by earned merit of leading the historic reunification of the Five Sacred Kingdoms of Indonesia, and of the Sovereign Council of 400 Asian Royals (2012-2017).


He was established to the throne by the retiring King Marshal Dato Abu Wahab of Nusantara, and by Queen Dewi Kwan Im of the Royal Alliance (December 2017). Legalization of his official Coronation was ratified by 44 Asian Royals (from 20 kingdoms) and International Judges (October 2018).


He is Chairman of the LAMBA (Lambaga Amanah Masyarakat Banten) Society Foundation (since 2000), developing and supporting humanitarian projects for empowering the Indonesian people through mutually beneficial applications of the Sovereign Royal Portfolio of the Royal Alliance in cooperation with Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) countries.


He is Chairman of the Dumpal Soekarno Foundation (since 2004), managing the Royal Portfolio, as the strategic historical resources for empowering each independent country, for greater world impact of humanitarian projects through advancements in human rights and prosperity of peoples:

Accomplishments included royal heritage restoration projects, such as restoring the King and Queen Salabintana Palace in West Java (2005) and the Sultan Maulana Yusuf Palace in Banten, Indonesia (2008), and providing $10 Billion USD underwriting investments for governmental agriculture, education and hospital projects in South Korea.


King Bungsu has held diplomatic meetings on human rights and interfaith cooperation with Pope John Paul II in Cairo (2001), Pope Benedict XVI in the Vatican (2007, 2010), representing the United Kingdoms of Nusantara and the Royal Alliance with the President of the United States (2010), and on world peace and prosperity matters with the Queen of England in Buckingham Palace before G-20 meetings (2010, 2012).


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