Media Kit for Judiciary Operations


The following “slide show” presentation (in PDF format) is a compelling and concise overview of the Sovereign Court of International Justice (SCIJ).  It highlights all key points about human rights, the role and powers of the independent Judiciary, the unique historic “firsts” provided by SCIJ, enforcement mechanisms, and non-profit fundraising.


SCIJ Slide Show Presentation (Download)


The grassroots non-profit “Justice 4 Humanity” campaign was established in 2015, developing popular support for the Arbitration Court of International Justice (ACIJ), as a Court of the independent Judiciary concentrating on human rights.  The “J4H” campaign contributed to the Court later separating the specialized human rights functions into the companion Sovereign Court of International Justice (SCIJ) as the High Court, developing into an inter-governmental organization (IGO).  The philosophy and presentations of J4H both reflect and contribute to the institutional culture of the SCIJ and ACIJ Courts as IGO official bodies, and of the Law Centre and Law Faculty of IV University as the supporting IGO institution.


Justice 4 Humanity Website


The J4H grassroots movement also provides a full Media Kit, with links to Video and Radio Interviews with human rights advocates connected with the leaders of diverse social justice and sacred activism groups and networks.  These informative interviews received positive exposure to millions of people worldwide, who are seeking the restoration of the basic principles of Justice in geopolitics and civil society.


Justice 4 Humanity Media Kit