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Chief of Humanitarian Programs

Doctor Mustafa M. Akkawi, M.B.A., Ph.D.


Chief of Humanitarian Programs, Doctor Mustafa M. Akkawi

Chief of Humanitarian Programs, Doctor Mustafa M. Akkawi

Doctor Mustafa Akkawi completed a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) from Arab Open University in Lebanon (2012), and Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) in Educational Training (2014) from the Royal College of Management and Economics (externships at UN International Labor Organization, UN Industrial Development Organization, and Arab Open University), with dissertation on “Training of Trainers for International Business Development of Humanitarian Organizations”.


He completed a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in International Business (2017) from the Royal College of Management and Economics (externship at International Academy for Building Capacity in Lebanon), with dissertation on “Humanitarian Project Management and Non-Profit Fundraising for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)”. He speaks native Arabic, and is highly fluent in English.


He began his executive administration career as Managing Partner of the Sea and Land Company in Saida Lebanon (1997-2004), implementing steel construction projects and other infrastructure projects for the oil and gas industry. He worked as a Sales Manager for Phoenicia-Aerrianta in Beirut (2004-2007), appointed an Advisor for the L’Oreal Produits De Luxe line, and for many other international brands, supervising marketing and sales teams.


He developed his financial experience as Credit Collection Manager for the Head Office of Ameen Credit Corp in Hazmieh Lebanon (2007-2012), establishing and implementing technical guidelines for collection methods as part of the credit process, coordinating customer service operations for transactions, client relationships and legal compliance, and managing inter-departmental staff. He was promoted to Business Development Supervisor to establish a lending program in cooperation with a joint CISCO and USAID program, also facilitating with partner banks including Jammal, Fransabank, SGBL and Credit Lebanese.


He worked as Insurance Consultant for Arabia Insurance Company in Saida Lebanon (2012-2013), providing risk management, market research, sales and marketing of financial products. He served as Branch Supervisor for IBDAA MicroFinance in Beirut (2013-2015), providing training in technical and financial operations to regional and branch managers, coordinating loan officers with customer service, and conducting research studies and expert reports on socio-economic factors. He was promoted to Product Development Supervisor for creating new credit products, and to coordinate with an ADIR Insurance program.


Doctor Mustafa was recruited as an independent Expert Entrepreneurship Trainer for the International Academy for Building Capacity (IABC) in Beirut (since 2015), conducting numerous training courses, seminars and workshops teaching business development and management skills.


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