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Minister of the Cabinet Office

Prince Peter of Nusantara, B.B.A., D.P.P.


Minister of the Cabinet Office, Prince Peter of Nusantara

Minister of the Cabinet Office, Prince Peter of Nusantara

His Royal Highness (H.R.H.) Prince Peter of Nusantara completed a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Financial Architecture (1992), thesis on “Asset-Backed Instruments for Financial Independence”, from the Royal College of Management and Economics (externship at Boston University). He completed a Master of Public Policy (M.P.P.) in Economic Technologies (2010), thesis on “Scientific Methodology for Sustainable Economic Empowerment of Humanity”, and Doctor of Public Policy (D.P.P.) in Socio-Economic Systems (2013), dissertation on “New Paradigms of Strategic Socio-Economic Empowerment of World Peoples by the Geopolitics of Sovereignty”, from the Royal Institute of Geopolitics and Diplomacy (externships at Bircham International University).


Peter is Prince of the United Kingdoms of Banten Nusantara (ancient Archipelago islands) of Indonesia (from ca. 14,000 BC), and also as Chancellor of the Royal Alliance of Independent States (RAIS). He became Prince by earned merit of leading the public reemergence of the Royal Alliance and its Sovereign Royal Portfolio.


He was established as Prince by the Sovereign Council of 400 Asian Royals, King Marshal Dato Abu Wahab of Nusantara, and Queen Dewi Kwan Im of the Royal Alliance, in three ceremonies (from 2012 completed March 2014). His Prince status was confirmed and legalized at the official Coronation of King Bungsu of Nusantara, ratified by 44 Asian Royals (from 20 kingdoms) and International Judges (October 2018).


He began his economic policy career as Senior Vice President of Citi-Group’s Primerica Financial Services (1984-1989), establishing 7 branch offices, training over 1,000 staff, and providing licensed management of securities, mortgages, mutual funds and insurance products. He continued as an expert Economics Lecturer for national training seminars (1990-2002) for various financial institutions including Ameri-Quest Mortgage Company.


He serves as Senior Vice President of Transformer Films based in California (since 2002), managing finance operations and development strategies, providing international private banking facilities to finance partners, and operating secured buy-sell transactions for investment grade securities. Experience includes working with the primary partner and film producer Robert Watts, who produced the first 3 Star Wars and first 3 Indiana Jones movies, and supporting the development of 28 new films of other thought-provoking stories further promoting the awakening process of humanity.


Prince Peter served as Vice Chairman of Blue Ocean Sentra Sejahtera “BOSS” (2012-2018), a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Hong Kong, providing government consulting, facilitation and trust management of private banking facilities and sovereign wealth funds, and arrangement of multinational financial trading platforms, specializing in humanitarian project funding.


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